Recycled PP label material launched by Avery Dennison

Posted: 8th February 2021

Samples are now available of the new recycled PP label material launched by Avery Dennison in 2021.

The new rPP film is made from resin containing up to 99% post-consumer recycled material. There is a white option (90% PCR) and a transparant option (99% PCR).

As with other rPP films available at Impact group, Avery Dennison’s recycled PP displays similar charactersitics to conventional PP. However, it brings a 79% reduction in CO2 emmisions. The material is approved for food contact and is an ideal solution for beverage, cosmetics, personal care and home care products where a durable solution is required.

Closed loop recycling

The recycled PP label material launched by Avery Dennison is made in collaboration with SABIC. SABIC are a market leader in producing plastics for packaging along with many other applications. The material falls under the Saudi based company’s new TRUCIRCLE initiative to help close the loop on plastic recycling.

Closed loop recycling would see post-consumer plastic waste collected, recycled and used to make new products. For this vision to work, consumers, retailers, recyclers and manufacturers must work together to reclaim valuable materials from the waste stream. These can then be processed to make new products. This process requires a total transformation of the value chain, which SABIC has been working hard with its partners downstream and upstream to achieve.

Yousef Al-Benyan, SABIC Vice Chairman and CEO, said: 

“SABIC is committed to achieving a more sustainable world and has an agenda in place to help customers achieve their sustainability goals. We have worked closely with partners across the value chain to advance a circular economy for the recycling of plastic waste and, in the last year, delivered TRUCIRCLE™ solutions to customers and brand-owners like Unilever and Tupperware Brands.”

He added, “SABIC is also moving forward with a semi-commercial facility that will increase the production of pyrolysis oil from plastic waste. We expect this facility, located at SABIC’s Geleen campus in The Netherlands, will be operational by 2021.”

Alleviate packaging fees

rPP materials will soon have a commercial benefit as well as environmental. Thanks to a high percentage of recycled material, rPP can help alleviate upcoming plastic packaging fees. These include the European plastic levy, being introduced in 2023, with a potential call rate of 0.80 EUR per kilogram of non-recycled plastic packaging waste. As well as the UK plastic tax, taking effect in 2022, which will tax plastic packaging with less than 30% recycled material.

Order samples

A4 material samples are now available for Avery Dennisons rPP material in both white and transparant form. Get in touch with the sales team via email or phone 01754 767 275 to order samples and enquire about pricing.