100% recycled PE labels launched

Posted: 4th December 2020

Helping to keep plastic out of the waste stream, 100% recycled PE labels provide a more sustainable solution for consumers. Impact’s rPE label material is made up of 50% post consumer waste and 50% industrial waste making it a green solution contributing to a circular economy.

As both a flexo and digital printer, Impact has been delighted with the results in converting the rPE material. Unlike previous industry attempts at recycled materials, the new product has excellent printability that closely rivals standard synthetic materials. No definition is lost in print and rPE works well with ribbon transfer printers.

On that topic, 100% recycled PE labels also mimic the performance characteristics of standard PE material. Durable and water resistant as well as being maliable, it responds well to curved surfaces and squeezable containes, making it ideal for use on home and personal care containers, cosmetics and food applications.

Paired with a high tack, acrylic based adhesive, the product is can withstand temperatures from -30 to 80 degrees centigrade (95 for short periods). Once applied, Impacts 100% recycled PE labels are insensitive to humidity, soaps and oil with a good resistance to light, heat and aging.

The label and adhesive compostion is certified for use where direct contact with dry, moist and such kind of fatty foodstuffs is apparent. The formulation evaluation and migration analyses shows that the rPE product combination does not have a harmful effect on the content of blood bags, making it usable in such applications.

rPE sits perfectly within Impact’s sustainable solutions range where various innovative products are available from EN 13432 certfied OK Compost materials to a label face paper made entirely from grass. Contact our sales team via phone 01754 767 275 or email sales@impactboston.ltd.uk for free samples and more information.