Keep 2M apart – 10 Covid floor labels

£10.00 ex. VAT £12.00 inc. VAT

Product Overview

Paperwork’s Covid 19 “Keep 2M apart” floor label is 300mm diameter with a bright yellow background, clear black chevrons and imagery and bold red warning text. Made from durable PP label material, the stickers are resiliant to footfall and can be wiped clean. The labels come on a backing material in fanfold packs of 10, seperated by perforations for easy distribution. The special removable adhesive is designed to work on a wide range of surfaces, including hard floors, carpets, windows and walls.

Depending on the cleanliness of the surface when applied and the surface type itself, the labels will last various lengths of time. That’s why these labels are priced and designed to be cost effectively and easily replaced when required. The adhesive type also minimises risk of damage to the surface it is applied to.

Delivery & Returns

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