Eco Labels

Our commitment to sustainable packaging solutions has made us pioneers in producing environmentally friendly products. Buying from our eco-stick® range gives you peace of mind that you’re investing in our planet.

Paperwork’s range adheres to EN13430 Packaging – the standard that defines the requirements for packaging recovered by material recycling.

Our eco-stick® range matches face materials with packaging to ensure recyclability. PP or PE face materials with the correct packaging to result in a recyclable product. We can also match products with paper label face materials with cardboard and corrugated card packaging. Ask our sales team for guidance on what’s the most suitable material for your packaging.

Paperwork also has offers a compostable adhesive, certified “OK Compost” to DIN EN13432 standards. This is great for food applications and is approved for direct contact under the European regulation 1935/2004/EC. The biodegradable solution uses recyclable and responsibly sourced face materials such as Natureflex and PLA made from renewable biomass of plant starch such as sugarcane.

We aim to introduce sustainability in to all areas of our business such as wash-off labels for reusable glass. The innovative technology allows the face material to easily be removed from the bottle both at home or during industrial processing thanks to the unique way it reacts with hot water. The composition still offers performance in chillers, freezers and ice baths making the labels ideal for the beverage industry.

Our REACH policy is stringent in making sure our products are ethically manufactured. Our company is against animal cruelty and proactively aims to avoid the use of hazardous chemicals where possible. Paperwork confirms that we do not add any of the “Candidate List Substances” highlighted by the European Chemical agency.

Paperwork has a pro-active waste management procedure in place designed to minimise the amount of waste and recycle as much waste as possible. Paper, plastic and silicone backing paper waste is all separately collected so it can be re-purposed and re-used. The company has an ongoing investment programme into technology that reduces waste. Our Utopia printing system uses 25% less ink than standard flexographic printing and our auto-register printing presses minimise make ready waste.

The company is also an early adaptor when new environmentally friendly innovations are brought to market. Paperwork has already launched a BPA-free solution and total Phenol-free product for thermal labels. From 2 January 2020, all thermal paper sold or used in the EU must be free of added Bisphenol A (BPA). By working with us now you can ensure compliance and avoid having to dispose of non-compliant stock after the deadline.

Impact invests in FSC® certification as part of a commitment to sustainability.

FSC® certified products are helping consumers take care of the world’s forests. By selecting Impact’s FSC® certified labels our customers can help satisfy a growing consumer demand for sustainable products and packaging.

There are 10 key FSC® principals that are internationally agreed. See more details here:

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